Development Planning

At Informed Assessment, we offer a powerful development planning service designed to help individuals better understand their strengths and areas for development, as well as how they can move their development forward.

Our service typically runs over a three-six month period and involves both a diagnostic and action planning phase.

The ‘diagnostic’ phase includes the utilization of a range of powerful assessment tools to help individuals better understand their strengths and development needs. This would take place over several sessions and would often include:

  • Structured interview
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Managerial judgment assessment

The output from the above information would then be considered in relation to not only the role the individual is in currently, but how that role may evolve in the future, as well as the individuals’ wider career aspirations.

In an ‘action planning’ phase, we can produce a tailored development action plan for how to move the participant’s personal and career development forward in light of the above.

From our experience, this sequencing of activities will enable the development momentum to be incrementally built up and then maintained for each participant and increase the likelihood of tangible behaviour change taking place.

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