Development Centres

At Informed Assessment Limited we offer our clients a range of independent, robust and practical assessment tools to help them identify candidates for jobs from the external jobs market and candidates for development or job roles

We offer a comprehensive Development Centre service, drawing on the tools offered by leading exercise publishers such as SHL and Assessment & Development Consultants. We also offer a bespoke exercise design
service (for more information click here). Our Development Centres can incorporate any or all of the following:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Group discussions
  • Group activity exercises
  • Analysis - including priority setting tasks/in-tray exercises
  • Role play exercises

Our service includes advising on exercise choice, timetabling, briefing participants, event coordination, administering assessments, interpreting results, participant feedback, development of action plans and communicating results to management.

For clients who wish to sponsor an individual rather than a group through a Development Centre, we can design and run a tailored programme for them.

Our track record of designing and delivering Development Centres ranges from professional (non-management) to senior management levels.

To view additional information about development centres click the below videos

John Sponton of Informed Assessment talks about our Development Centre services


Pauline Garnett of ASD Metal Services talks about her experience of using our Development Centre services


To review some examples of our work in this area, please click on the following case studies:

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