Career and Personal Development

At Informed Assessment Limited we offer a range of independent, robust and practical online assessment tools to help support personal and career development.

Are you:

  • Interested in exploring your suitability for new career options, or want to find out more about your personal areas of strength and areas for development?
  • An outplacement or careers management sponsor, seeking practical online diagnostics to help you in your work with one or more individuals / teams?

Either way, we offer a comprehensive online assessment service, drawing upon the work of leading UK test publishers.

Our service includes advising on the most appropriate exercises for your specific needs, briefing you or your clients on the online assessment process, co-ordinating your assessments, dealing with any technical issues if these arise, forwarding results and providing telephone feedback based upon the reports sent to you.

The online process is very straightforward and typically involves logging onto dedicated websites with a unique username and password.  We respond very quickly to requests, and results are turned around promptly after completion.

To give you an insight into the range of psychometric developmental outputs available to help you, please feel free to review these example reports (or contact us to explore other report options):

Career support - Saville Assessment Coaching Report for your use in career guidance / development situations 

Page Tick Image(Saville Assessment Coaching Report)

Personal development planning – SHL OPQ Development Action Planner Report which provides a summary of competency strengths and areas for development, as well as suggest actions for moving development forward  

Page Tick Image(OPQ Development Action Planner Report)